San Francisco, Oakland and Bay Area Picture Hanging and Art Installation Service

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The art of placement is often neglected or overlooked. With an extensive arts and design background we bring careful attention to the overall aesthetics of a space. Heights, styles of art, furniture and lighting can all be considered in new and intriguing ways.




Our installers take the highest caution in safely securing artwork, whether it is a valuable painting or a print over a crib. By using two-point installation whenever possible, the art will remain fixed on the wall and not shift over time.



Art Handling

Most artwork is damaged while handling. With a focus on finesse instead of brute strength, Nomad is fully trained in the latest conservation and art handling methods.




At Nomad, our most sought after skills revolve around the arrangement of a large number of pieces. By sorting, categorizing and taking into consideration scale, we make collections of art and objects enhance instead of clutter a space. Whether the final style involves an exact, symmetrical arrangement, or a looser, more fluid suggestion of unity, creating an appealing group of artwork is our specialty.