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Nomad was started by artist Mike Cieciora with the goal of enhancing interior spaces through the appealing placement and installation of artwork. Prior to Nomad Mike worked for ten years in New York closely involved with the nation’s leading art collections and interior designers. During his time there he learned an invaluable number of techniques and philosophies regarding the placement and handling of art.

His favorite aspect of art installation has always been the variety of people and places encountered on a daily basis, and as a result Nomad was born. All of the staff at Nomad are artists with a fine arts background and take pride in the placement of all forms of art—from a child’s self-portrait, a candid photograph or a valuable oil painting.  Our first priority is making sure the visual communication between the viewer and a work of art is at its finest level. We routinely work with interior designers, art consultants, dealers and anyone looking to improve a space with a unique perspective.

The home does not have to be planned out in detail, just put together by pieces it's inhabitants love.  - Josef Frank